Looking for a Christmas gift that not only has special meaning for the person who receives it, but also captures the true meaning of Christmas? The Nativity Stones Collection, made up of a variety of gold and silver cross-pendant necklaces and ornaments each designed to hold a small stone from the Cave of the Nativity, provides such a gift. Originating from the Cave of the Nativity – the site Christians have officially recognized and celebrated as the birthplace of Jesus Christ since A.D. 325 – Nativity Stones offer a unique way for people to maintain the presence of Christ in their daily lives.

“The stones are not only symbols of Jesus’ birth, sacrifice, death and resurrection, they offer a direct connection to Him,” said Ricardo Montalban, actor and spokesperson for Nativity Stones. “I cherish my Nativity Cross and ornament for helping me be close to Jesus Christ. My faith in Him has always been a great comfort to me.”