“A gift from the Nativity Stones Collection has a uniquely special meaning for the person who receives it.  The collection includes cross-pendant necklaces, Christmas ornaments, angel pins, rosaries and more set with stones from the cave where Jesus was born..“The stones are not only symbols of Jesus’ birth, sacrifice, death and resurrection, they offer a direct connection to Him,” says Ricardo Montalban, actor and spokesperson for Nativity Stones.  “I cherish my Nativity Cross and ornament for helping me be close to Jesus Christ.  My faith in Him has always been a great comfort to me.”The Nativity Stones were brought to the United States in 1964 through the efforts of Stanley Slotkin, a Los Angeles businessman, philanthropist and amateur archaeologist.  While visiting the Cave of the Nativity during its only excavation, Slotkin was given these stones by Mayor Elias Bandak of Bethlehem.  These are the only stones to have ever been removed from the cave….”