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Questions? Contact us
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Customer Club Policy


Membership to the Holy Land Mall Club (the “Club”) is subject to your (the Member) acceptance of the terms and conditions. By registering to the Club the Member agreed its terms and conditions.

Section 1 Eligibility and Registration:

1.1. Customers may register in the Club, with online booking together with paying the Club Membership Fee or with the assistance of our (The Holy Land Mall) call center through our agents with paying the Club Membership Fee.

1.2. Club members are obliged to provide and maintain their accurate and true personal information when applying for a Club membership or using any Club benefits. Failure to do so may invalidate the membership to the Club. It is the Member's responsibility to update his/her personal information through this page: My Profile. and or via our customer care service, at: 09162884941 / 027346962

1.3. A Member may cancel his or her membership in the Club at any time connecting our call center at: by connecting our customer care service, at: 09162884941 / 027346962

1.4 The membership is valid for 1 calendar year calculated from the day of the subscription. Members can extend their membership within one month prior expiry together with booking and paying the Club Membership Fee. When Member extends the membership immediately and without interruption, the new period will start from the following day of previous expiration date. If your Membership expired, you can anytime register in the Club when booking paying the Club Membership Fee.

1.5 Membership to the Club is non-transferable. Members must promptly notify The Holy Land Mall upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of Club membership.

1.6. Club members will have access to privileges which are not available to non-members. Membership in the Club does not guarantee availability of special Club discounts on all items and at all times.

1.6.1 The club privileges may change from time to time and can be found in our website or with our agents at 09162884941 / 02-7346962: Here are a few of member's privileges (all privileges are subject to change and are not obligating to HolyLand Mall):

 Free gift for joining stars of the holy-land club

 Accumulate stars (1P= star, equivalent to =10% on each future perches)

 Birthday celebration with birthday discount

 Anniversary celebration with "buy one item win another gift from our "gift basket"

 Holy-Land anniversary celebration – win stars according to program that will change from time to time

 Every 10 purchases win a gift from gift basket

 Every year one member from all of the members win the opportunity to travel with a loved one to the holy land

 New collection will be offered firstly only to members to gain the opportunity to buy before "out of stock" availability

 Hot discounts only for members, hot holyday surprises only for members

 Members owning credit card will enjoy additional discounts that will be amended from

time to time by The Holy Land club management

1.6.2 We may amend the terms of this agreement and / or the program at any time, including any rights or obligations the member or the Holy Land Mall may have. If you have registered your Card, we will notify you of any change, addition or deletion by email. In addition, we will post the terms to the modified agreement on our website and all our communication as permitted by law, any change, addition or deletion will become effective at the time we post the revised agreement to our website or as otherwise stated in our notice to you. Unless we state otherwise, the change, addition or deletion will apply to your future and existing Cards.

1.6.3 The crediting of stars to Member accounts will only be possible in accordance with the rules set down in these Regulations. In any event, the decision on crediting stars remains with the Holy-land mall exclusively.

1.6.4 The benefits offered in the Club, including Club STARS, are personal, are not convertible for money or money’s worth, and are not transferable, except in special offers conducted by the Holy-land mall and/or the Club from time to time that permit such (subject to the conditions of the offer) and/or in the event otherwise prescribed by Holy-land family club in accordance with its exclusive discretion.

1.6.5 The Member shall be exclusively liable for checking the status of the STARS, vouchers or any other benefit on his account from time to time, including the date of expiration.

1.7 All promotions, and any other special offers provided by The Holy Land Mall are subject to the terms and conditions specifically pertaining to that offer.

1.8. The Holy-Land Mall card Discount Club are applicable to the member only. Section 2 Payment

2.1. During subscription Member will be charged an annual fee.

2.2. Initial or renewal membership fees are subject to change by The Holy Land Mall at any time and without notice to the Member. Any increase in the annual membership fee will take effect upon renewal of the Club membership.

2.3. A Members will not be entitled to any refund of any membership fees upon cancellation of membership in the Club.

2.4. Once a Member cancels his/her membership it cannot be reinstated; Member must sign up again to receive Club benefits when booking together with paying the Club Membership Fee. To know more about this membership card please call 09162884941 / 02-7346962

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